The harbour terrain is a lively area where you can find technical assistance and services for your boat. You can request the operating hours and locations of the various services at the Reception. See the list of prices/fees.

Storage – We offer space for storing your ship, in the event of needed repair, maintenance or winter storage.
Fuel – You can purchase diesel fuel and gasoline at our Fuelling Station.
Trailer Ramps – Small boats can use the trailer ramp.
Boat Lift – Boats can be lifted to shore.
Mast Crane – We can lower and raise your mast using the mast crane.
Mast Storage – We store masts measuring less than 20 meters (65 ft.) in a mast rack.
Tow Service – We can tow you in if you experience problems with propulsion.
Harbour Jeep or Tractor – For heavy-duty work, you can rent our harbour Jeep or tractor along with a driver/operator.
(Chemical) Waste Container – heavy materials, small amounts of chemical waste and used oil can be turned in to the containers at the Nautical Business Centre.
Rubbish Collection Point – Everyday household rubbish can be dispensed by the Rubbish Collection Point across from the landing entrance.
Waste Water Depot - Your septic tank can be emptied at our Waste Water Depot.