The expansive beach is full of activities, and is therefore a paradise for beach sports enthusiasts and surfers. You can blo kart, kite surf, fly kites, fly board and much more. Within just ten kilometres of the harbour lies the Spaarnwoude Recreation Area, where you can choose from a long list of recreational activities for both young and old, including golf, waterskiing, horseback riding and walking.


On the beach and in the direct vicinity of the harbour, you’ll find many restaurants and beach pavilions where you can spend a leisurely evening with a view of the sea and harbour. IJmuiden is centrally located, and public transportation will bring you to Dowtown Haarlem or Amsterdam in less than an hour. Buses leave from the harbour office. In the marina, you’ll find a Apollo Hotel IJmuiden Seaport Beach, where you can enjoy a luxurious overnight with a view of the sea and harbour.


In the direct vicinity of the harbour, you can purchase anything you may need for your boat and travel. Within a five-minute cycling distance from the marina, you’ll find Hermans Marine, a well-stocked boat shop. The industry terrain and the town of IJmuiden, located behind the harbour, offer almost all of the practical goods and services you could wish for. You can rent a bicycle at Reception to do your shopping and errands.


A hundred metres from the entrance to the harbour is a broad, beautiful, sandy beach where spots for sunbathing are always available. The beach is divided into activity, nudist and recreational areas. To the south of the harbour lies the Kennermerduinen Nature Reserve, where you can take a relaxing stroll, leisurely bike ride or go bird watching. Information about the Kennemerduinen is available at Reception.